New Sponsor – EquiSupplies Pure Green Flax

We are unbelievably excited to now be working with most incredible bedding – Pure Green Flax to be supplied by EquiSupplies. Having experimented endlessly with various types of bedding we have really struggled to find a product we truly believe in and which stands the test of time. On a professional event yard it is essential that the horses have the best and most comfortable, absorbent and most importantly hypoallergenic bedding possible.

In using Pure Green Flax we genuinely believe we have found the answer, and finally we have found a cost effective solution which ticks all the boxes. After staring their beds with 5/6 bales (with every other bedding we have had to use 10!) they have stayed clean dry and dust free even with our most filthy horses.

WE genuinely believe this is the best bedding out there, so much so that we are encouraging everyone to order themselves a few bales to try using our very own discount code – FH10. This entitles you to a 10% discount if you pick up 10+ bales or arrange a delivery of a minimum of 35.

Some more info on the bedding:



  • 100% Chopped Flax Loams



  • Moisture absorption 450% – 12 times more than straw.
  • Economical – you only need ½ to 1 bale of new bedding per week.
  • Minimal dust and keeps ammonia at floor level – great for respiratory health.
  • Labour saving – easy to muck out with very little wastage. For best use take droppings out daily and wet out weekly.
  • Decomposes quickly with a neutral PH – perfect for putting back out on the land.