New Equine Wear is the sister brand to PolyPads, manufactured in the same place and with the same attention to detail. These incredibly durable boots provide protection to horse’s legs in the form of brushing, show jumping and XC boots. Our understanding of the horse’s movement has lead us to the creation of the NEW boot range, that contours and protects the horse’s legs in every discipline. Our signature tendon guard can be found in all our XC and show jumping boots; this lightweight yet incredibly strong guard helps to absorb impact from an active hind leg, and protects the leg as the horse jumps and lands. The simple yet effective design has provided NEW with a place as one of the best boot manufacturers, and sees riders of all levels trusting NEW boots to provide the support and protection that horses need.

New Equine Wear is home to some of the best XC boots on the market, providing incredible protection and minimal bulk. Trusted by top eventers, these boots have earnt a reputation for durability and strength with every day riders too. With boots for all disciplines, this all encompassing brand provides quality boots for equestrians, for all disciplines.