Homme House (Much Marcle)

It was a busy day at Homme House with Isobel Crosbie’s ESCAPE ROUTE and Ayesha Vardag’s VIVENDI DE VARDAG in the BE1005yo and Isobel’s THE DIAMOND GAMBLER and my own DIAMOND HOLLY in the Nov.

First up was the Nov horses; THE DIAMOND GAMBLER scored a competitive 31 and followed this up with a lovely double clear just picking up 1.6 time to finish in 3rd place. A great result for such a classy and talented horse who has so much more to come. We have produced him with the future in mind so its lovely to be reaping the rewards now and for his wonderfully supportive owner Isobel to see him perform to well. DIAMOND HOLLY also scored a 31 and jumped a double clear to finish in 4th! It seems as though our patience with her is paying off… long may it continue!

Next up were the two lovely 5yo’s. VIVENDI DE VARDAG was very unsettled by the heat and flies in her dressage which was a shame, but she jumped very well indeed, just rolling a pole and giving me a great spin round the XC. ESCAPE ROUTE performed his customary beautiful test; he is becoming so consistent to score 28. He was so unlucky to roll the very first pole XC but gave me another wonderful ride XC to finish inside the time and in 9th place.