Equisupplies Pure Green Flax

Pure Green Flax is a unique and economical bedding, comprising of 100% Flax loams, it is all natural and no nasties. This product boasts the following benefits:

  • High Insulation properties – Keeping your horse warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Economical – Easy to muck out with very little wastage, leaving a smaller muck heap and normally only needing up to 1 bale of new bedding per week on an established bed.
  • Great for respiratory health – Airflow dust extracted and boasts the ability of keeping the wet and ammonia smell at floor level leaving the top of the bed clean and dry.
  • Biodegradable and has a neutral PH – Perfect for putting back out onto the land.
  • Moisture absorption 450% – 12 times more than straw! Website: www.equisupplies.co.uk

We are very excited to be starting this partnership with Flora and her team, her dedication and focus is a real inspiration to us and reflects our vision and values. We look forward to supporting her going forward.