Our last event of the season was Boekelo with our top boy BAYANO in the CCI****L. Sadly it wasn’t quite the fairytale ending we were hoping for with Bayano feeling quite under par and not his usual self at all. He completed the XC but we decided to save him for another event and not risk jumping him on the Sunday. He’s had the very best care and attention since arriving home and we have uncovered some issues as to why he may not have been on top form. He is our absolute champion and owes us nothing so we will do everything we can to have him back to his very best again and raring to go for next season.

Overall we’ve had another fantastic year with plenty of highs and the inevitable bump in the road along the way. We’ve had the pleasure of training and competing some absolute superstars and despite no major wins I feel we’ve had our most consistent season so date with wins and placings at both National and International levels. I feel every horse has progressed and stepped up to plate, they’ve given their all and have so much potential for the future.

I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by the most amazing team and thank you does not sound a big enough word to express my gratitude to our whole team who keep everything going and look after me and the horses so fantastically well.

Thank you so much to our truly fabulous owners who entrust their horses to us – I am so tremendously grateful to you all for your endless support and encouragement

Of course I could not fail to mention that despite many highs our whole team suffered the most awful blow when we lost Amazing VIII in September – she really was a special horse to us all and she is most sorely missed.

As always we are looking ahead to next season and already excited for the winters training ahead.