2017 Season Review

We have now come to the end of the 2017 season. As usual it has been a season of ups and downs but over all we are thrilled with how all of our lovely horses have progressed.

BAYANO (Brian) has had a wonderful year completing his first CCI**** at Luhmuhlen jumping an immaculate clear XC and just rolling an unlucky pole in the showjumping. He finished in a very respectable 21st place but most importantly gave me the most class feeling and is forever re-inforcing my opinion that he is a very special “top” horse. He picked up 4th place in a very competitive CIC*** at Burgham with a double clear and then finished his season in fine style jumping another flawless double clear at Blenheim CCI*** to finish in 8th place out of nearly 90 starters. At still only 11 years old he gets better and better each year and I can’t wait to see where he takes us next season. Huge thanks must go to his owners Rebecca Salt and my mother Caroline for their unwavering support of such a special horse.

MONARTS MASTERPIECE (Smudge) made a very successful step up to 3star level jumping a beautiful double clear at Bramham CIC*** and finishing in a very exciting 4th place. Unfortunately he picked up an injury and we decided to save him for the rest of the season and give him plenty of time to come right. We have big plans for this boy who will be back next  year looking to contest his first CCI***.

BILLY BANDIT (Billy) has also made the step up to 3star and has really wowed us with his confidence and flair. He feels as though he has been a little unlucky this year and has yet to manage all three phases on one day without a little “ooopsy” but nevertheless has given me a class feel and I’ve no doubt with more experience under his belt will come out all guns blazing next year. He has finished the season really well and is now enjoying his holiday. He’ll be back this winter for some serious training! This season we have been absolutely thrilled to welcome Brenda Watson to our team as co-owner of Billy. Brenda has been the most wonderful addition and been so supportive at every one of Billy’s runs. We are looking ahead to 2018 already…

MOYLAW BADGER (Milo) has had a very consistent year at 2star level and as ever always gives 100%. He was a winner at his first event of 2017 and followed this up with competitive runs at Aston le Walls and Little Downham Intermediates. He finished a very impressive 7th at Barbury International with a solid double clear and then followed this up with an equally impressive 4th place at Millstreet International across the water in Southern Ireland. Milo will now enjoy a holiday at home with is wonderful owner Isobel Crosbie before embarking on his winter duties of hunting with the South Notts.

THE DIAMOND GAMBLER (Brian) also owned by the ever enthusiastic Isobel Crosbie was a new ride for me this year. A tall and rangey horse he has taken a while to mature but has produced some impressive results and gives the most incredible feel particularly cross-country. He finished in 11th, 5th, 9th, 3rd, 11th and 5th in his BE100 competitions and then stepped up to Novice with equal ease and consistency jumping double clears at Eland Lodge, Homme House and West Wilts. He is also enjoying a holiday before we crack on with some hunting with the Beaufort and a winter of dressage and jumping. We are very exciting for him to continue his progression next year, he certainly feels like one for the big time.

KINMAR CHEDANCER (Daisy) owned by my mother Daisy has dramatically improved in her attitude this season. Still a very opinionated character and we still have our bumps in the road but I am thrilled with how she has improved and I’ve no doubt will continue to do so. She has had some great results jumping double clear at Tweseldown, Larkhill (4th), Mount Ballan, Eland Lodge and Aston le Walls (3rd); She also finished the season with a lovely double clear in the Novice at Bovington finishing in 7th place. She has also continued to perform very well in pure showjumping picking up numerous double clears. Whilst her attitude and personality can still often get in the way I remain entirely convinced she is a very exciting horse for the future!

Of course none of the above would be at all possible without our dedicated and endlessly hardworking team. Charlotte our head girl and Dani our 2nd in command have worked tirelessly all year and we would be entirely lost without them. Their attention to detail is second to none, and the horses adore them immeasurably. They keep the yard, all our gear and of course each and every horse looking absolutely fantastic and we cannot thank them enough!

We are also supported by so many other dedicated professionals. Nick Deacon, our farrier; Annabelle Galt, equine veterinary physio; our vet, Hattie Lawrence; Lucy Rodwell our chiropractor, Nic Tym, my amazing PA; Claire Roberts and Nic Reid our nutritionists; Helen Murphy our saddle fitter and Dean Andrews our Equine dentist.

I must say a huge thank you to my wonderful trainers, Andrew Fletcher, Jeremy Scott and Jon Pitts who as ever have been invaluable to our success this year. I have also been incredibly lucky to spend some time and train with Chris Bartle who has been a wonderful help and inspiration.

We are also incredibly lucky to be supported by our wonderful sponsors. Saracen Horse Feeds have made such a difference to our horses who are all looking and feeling incredible; ReadySupp who have been the most amazing supporters and enable us to have all of our horses feeling their very best. HM Performance Saddle with Amerigo and Zebra Products allow me to ride in the very best equipment there is. There is no doubt my horses have improved out of sight since they all started working in Amerigo saddles and I certainly wouldn’t ride in anything else. I am also continuing to work closely with Jon Pitts from JP Human Performance, his help and support continue to help in many aspects of what we do and his innovative approach still entirely unique in the equine industry.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us this year – Flora x